Sunday, 3 March 2013

Togodumnos - Creating an important figure - Part 3

I wanted this figure tells a story. In this case, Togodumnos cross a river on his chariot. Roman legionaries are surprised when the charioteer turns the horses.

The earth was made with synthetic stone (Pumice stone mortar - Pébéo) painted with Raw umber (Basics paints).
Snow was laid ​​on the base. It is pva glue on which I sprinkled sodium bicarbonate for cooking. everything was varnished with matt varnish for painting (water was varnished bright)

I used synthetic water in multiple layers and have created splash at the wheels of the chariot. To create bubbles in the water, I used plastic glue, mixed with the synthetic water.

I wanted people to have the impression that the chariot rolls into a court of frozen water. For this reason I used matt varnish to create sheets of ice broken up by the legs of the horses and wheels of the chariot.

That's it. work is finished : "Fear my anger Romans !"


  1. What a wonderfull new life for this old citadel barbarian. I don't think that he could ve imagined this. Alway inovating, Francky. Very nice art.

    1. Thanks
      Yeah, it's a good point in his career :
      - Are you a good charioteer ?
      - Oh yes, I was in a Cimmerian army. I know Conan, a nice guy...

  2. Great stuff! Looks absolutely fantastic!

  3. Splendid stuff. Beautiful job on the reins!

  4. Hum, I heard of him, tall guy, volcanic blue eyes, black crow hair. Always laughting and drinking, on a pile of corpes, a sexy chick stuck on his leg.

  5. good job ! thoroughly realistic.

  6. Absolutely wonderful base. The sheets of ice done matt are a master stroke. I love the work and imagination that goes into your bases