Saturday, 2 March 2013

Creating an important figure. Part 2

First, I glue my figures on a wooden support (all those who have already painted 200 parliamentarians for ecw understand me). I apply basic colors and an ink for shading.

Rather than the army painter, I prefer to use Games Workshop inks. In this case, I use an equal mixture of "Devland mud" and "Ogryn flesh" for my celts (Roro uses "Badab black" for its romans). Only metallic parts are treated with "Badab Black". Horses, are treated with a mixture of ink and varnish matt (prince august) for a softer effect.

 Then, I use to clear up my figures base colors (a second one lightened for human skin). In this case, the horses. You will notice that I did not lightened the roman legionaries. In fact, I think that they are part of the base and not the model, and I don't want them to catch the eyes. 

The skin of the charioteer meanwhile, has been painted with strong contrasts. In addition, I installed the reins (electric wire) to increase the realism of the whole. We can imagine him pulling with all his strength to horses.

Togodumnos will be one of the most important figures in my army and I wanted him to be above the rest. I kept the color used to field his brother Caratacus (Creating an important figure. Part 1), having fun on a slightly different pattern for his breeches. In addition, I have designed a few tattoos.

Next time, we will talk about basing a figure...


  1. Pas mal dutout.
    Dis-moi, a part le melange devland/ogryn, qu'utilises-tu pour la chair de tes Celtes?

    1. Prince August Colors. "Dark flesh" and a leather color (an old one, impossible to read the name). To lighten the flesh, I use white