Sunday, 3 March 2013

Countdown to invasion: D-5

" I stand here, the narrow sea just in front of me and I can see the land I will conquer. Hundreds of ships, four mighty legions and twenty auxiliary units are ready to go. Forty thousand brave mens are eagerly awaiting my command...
In the name of Rome and Emperor Claudius, this land will fall and soon its kings will bend before us."
Aulius Plautius,  44AD.


Everything is now ready: maps, cards, troops, leaders, our first clash is scheduled for Friday 08 March

Stay tune, as you should see here, saturday, the results of the first few turns of this campaign...


  1. "Standing on a beach with a sword In my hand,
    Staring at the sea, staring at the sand"

    The Cure (oups... It was a gun In fact)

    In fact, the battle report will probably not be published until the following week

  2. Wow that looks awesome! Eager to see how it plays out.