Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Turn 2 is coming (at last) ...

Well, all I can say is : time really flies!

Sorry for the lack of updates on these past few months, "real life" came into play and we had to postpone twice our monthly battle. 

Finally, May is here (but not the sun) and two weeks ago we played the turn 2 of the campaign. 

I will post this turn report very soon, by the end of the week I think (Franck is working on the maps right now). 

Meanwhile, I want to show you two new units, some fierce and brave auxilliary barbarians, who fought on our last battle :

First the gauls, with the Alae II. Gallorum Sebosiana :

this alae counts for heavy cavalry

Next is some auxiliary infantry with the Cohors IV. Delmatarum :

A few decades ago these illyrians warriors rebelled and were crushed by Augustus. That was a bitter fight and they proved  to be tough warriors. Now they provide valuable recruits, for the glory of Rome...

That's all for today !


  1. Nice work Roro... Can't write anithing more before the battle report.
    The maps are in your mailbox

  2. Very nicely painted love the blog