Monday, 27 May 2013

Campaign Turn 2: Winter 44AD

Here is the report for Turn 2:

This turn was a winter turn, so we have tested the special rules for winter:
- No reinforcements from the occupied territory
- two slots move max
- armies with 7 CUs or more which move and/or fight, loose 1 CUs (attrition) at the end of the turn.

The strategic phase will see the roman playing a strategic card for removing Rudraigue from the game.

The briton played a diplomacy card and finished to convice the Silures from joining the fight. He then converts a strategic card for 3 CUs and plays a briton levy card for 3 more CUs, but the roman played a 'spy in ennemy camp' card, cancelling the last strategic card (the levy one).

Despite the cold winter, Romans push through the celt territory:
- Sabinus with 10CUs move from Calleva to Spinae in order to crush the 3CUs little army which hold Spinae and was commanded by Rudraigue.
- Vespasian with 10CUs move from Noviomagus to Ventae Belgarum.

- 4 CUs of garnison are placed in Durobrivae, reinforcing the laminated Paulus' army
- 1 CU of garnison is placed in Guilford
- Saturninus and 10 more CUs arrived at Rutupiae.
- Geta and his 10 CUs, stay at Durovernum Cantaciorum.

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The briton moved to counter attack the 2 legions driving fast in Belgae Kindgom:
- Merricus and his 5 CUs army in Durnovoriae moved to Ventae Belgarum. In way he received reinforcements of 3 CUs.
- Tresiga with her 2 CUs army moved from Cunerio to Ventae Belgarum two (the briton player use a 'Local pathfinder' strategic card to move 3 slots instead of the 2 max of the winter special rule.

This turn will see 2 battles:
- a big fight at Ventae Belgarum between Vespasianus (10CUs) and Merricus+Tresiga (8CUs+2CUs).
- a small fight at Spinae between Sabinus (10 CUs) and a minor chief (3CUs)

The Spinae battle had been resolved with the fast resolution chart. Sabinus winning a clear victory destroying 2 briton CUs while loosing 1. as the remaining 1 CUs of briton warriors had no named leader, it can't move ont the strategic map and was so destroyed too.

Sabinus move to Spinae with his 9 CUs.


The Ventae Belgarum battle was solved with Hail Caesar and once more the armies strenghs were equals.

The battle was harsh but the roman victory can't be contested, as a revenge for the lost battle of Londinium, the Vespasianus legionnaries badly mauled the briton army which loose 4 CUs in the fight and retreated to Serviodunum.

Vespasianus took and sacked the Belgae capital city and stay here with his 8 remaining CUs .

The end of this turn see Vespasianus and Sabinus loosing 1 more CUs each from the winter attrition rule.

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The Durotriges kindgom is in balance, as 2 strong legions are at its doors. This winter had seen the roman re-taking the initiative, pushing back the britons and conquering the Atrebatan kingdom, but next turn will be summer and much more young celts warriors will join the fight against the latin invader...

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