Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Creating an important figure. Part 1

At first, it's important to create a figure in adequacy with the personality of the hero. In our case, it was Togodumnos, the brother of Caratacos, a Catuvelaunian herocommonly represented on a charriot. He had led the fight against Rome alongside his brother. In terms of rules, Togodumnos will probably be one of the most powerful generals of my army, so it was necessary to represent him as a hero.

My first constraint was to find a figure with some similarities to that of his brother. In this case, I used the miniature of Slaine MacRoth ("Celtos" range) to represent Caratacos. A proud, muscular and fierce hero. To represent Togodumnos, I decided to use a "Renegade" miniature with the same hairdressing and a robust body, arms raised in victory.

Concerning the chariot, there was many options, "Warlord", "Gripping beast" or "Renegade". Because of the bigger size of the Renegade one, I decided to choose it. My only problem was to increase the violence of the scene. The aurige and the horses were fantastic but they lacked dynamism.

So, I decided to use "Games Workshop" horses (LOTR range). Removing the saddle with a file, with a little green stuff, that was it. I removed the aurige and used a very, very old "Citadel" miniature, a barbarian with a winged helmet. Cuting his weapon and removing his shield, I got the result I expected ; I wanted that the position of his hands let us imagine that he pulls on the reins. 

At the end, I added two legionnaires hit by the galloping horses.

Next time, we'll talk about painting...


  1. Beautiful conversion!

    Love it.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

    Happy Gaming,


  2. Wonderful chariot, great work!

  3. Thanks !
    The chariot is almost finished. I think that I will probably write a post next week to explain the painting. I am now working on the chariot wheels which pass through a puddle with water projections