Thursday, 7 February 2013

Ancient britons large warband

Eogan Strongarm, chief of a minor Catuvellauni tribe, his wife and the oldest of his sons, leading his people to defend the land of Britannia against the invaders. They are coming out  of a Cromlech (the stone circle) to represent the link to the land and to the traditions. They are warriors, breeders, hunters with their dogs and even women, they are the people of Britannia

 A warrior and his dogs

Eogan and his family

Some warriors and a naked fanatic

There are some Foundry, Wargame factory, Warlord and even old Citadel miniatures

This is a large warband, so, I have used five bases instead of three. This is a 25cm front unit (5 x 5cm). The problem was to create the circle of stones on separated bases. I drew a large radius  circle on the bases and sculpted the stones. In case of two stones were on the same base, I placed a capstone , in the other case, I placed a broken capstone on the ground.


  1. They look fantastic! Those bases are stunning.

    1. Thanks. Concerning the bases, John from 1000 foot general proposed me to write a basing tutorial. I will write it up the next time I will base a unit.