Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New week, New units !

Here are my new units, slightly lighter than my previous legionnaries but as much as usefull on a battlefield, so we start with slingers:

The marsh bases took me as much time as the slingers themselves, but I'm pretty happy with the result.

Next is an XS-size unit of Numidian cavalry, the pathfinders of the legions:

This week, I'm working on an L-size heavy armored unit (40 miniatures), the Emperor's finest warriors : Praetorians ...


  1. I like the bases Roro but I have some questions. Concerning the slingers, what is the size of your bases ? You have eight slingers on four bases, is it a small unit of skirmishers ? My next units'll be slingers and bowmen ans your way of basing interests me.
    Great work !
    It'll be necessary to list what is plainted in each army...

  2. In fact these slingers are 2x S-size skimishers units on 5x5cm bases. I linked the bases "diorama" so I can made a L-size unit if I want...

    skirmishers are represented by the only 2 models per base

    My to-do list for January is:
    - VI cohors = DONE
    - Skirmishers = DONE
    - Praetorians = WIP
    - 4 or 5 bases of generals = WIP

  3. Love those bases, and your skirmishers look fabulous. Gets me excited for my Hail Caesar game this weekend. Great site, I'll be visiting often!