Thursday, 24 January 2013

Celt multi-heroes base

In this campaign, there will be many celtic generals. Ten major characters like Caratacos or Artax the druid and some minors. The major ones will have their own figure to represent themselves and two or three figures  will be used to represent the other ones. The problem is that creating twelve scenic bases will take too many time (and money). So I have decided to create some multipurpose scenic bases on which it will be possible to fix different figures.
I use a 50mm mdf round base. With à drill, I cut off a 25mm round space wich will be used to fit a plastic base (games workshop socle).

Some figures are used to create à scene. In this exemple, the standard and à warrior holding the general's steed (Renegade miniatures. The horse is from the LOTR Games Workshop range. The saddle has been modeled with green stuff to represent a gaelic one)

A Catuvellauni general

Trisega the Durotrige, sister of King Merricus 

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