Sunday, 10 March 2013

Campaign Turn 1 : Summer 44 AD

Ok, so friday we played the first turn of our campaign.

The roman player (myself) starts and played some "Events cards": 

Major offensive and Diplomacy

I choose to make some diplomatic advances with the Iceni Tribes and 2 villages became pro-roman. On the military concern, 3 major moves were done. Aulus Plautius move to take Londinium, Titus Flavius Vespasianus with the Legio II Augusta move to submit the Regnenses kingdom, as his brother with the Legio XIV Gemina move to take Calleva from the hands of the atrebatan usurper Rudraigue. The XX legio Valeria Victrix stand behind at Durovernum Cantaciorum.

The briton player (franck) played 2 Events cards : Diplomacy, and choose to influence the Silure kingdom, four villages claim their allegiance to the Catuvellauni king, Caratacos. He also choose to move a 2CUs army under Caritax from Dunnow to Londinium to support the king's brother, Togodumnos with his 8CUs. Aulus Plautius attacks with 10 CUs so the fight will be fair. In the same time, Tresiga with 3CUs leave Hod Hill to move across the belgae kingdom rallying some villages in the process.

This move ends the turn, so there will be 2 fights: Calleva (Sabinus/10CUs vs Rudraigue/4CUs) and Londinium (Togodumnos+Caritax/10CUs vs Aulus Plautius/10 CUs)

We decided to play the Londinium battle with Hail Caesar, and the Calleva battle was solved with the "Rapid Resolution system". We throw dices and despite the number disadvantage, Rudrigue moves well as he manage to loose only 1 CU in the battle. Sabinus loose nothing but failed to destroy once and for all this little army... Rudraigue move out of Calleva and retreat to Spinae.

Next post, the first battle of Londinium !


  1. This was a very good evening Roro. I was very lucky during the Calleva battle resolution. I have done better to try to escape myself, but he Horned God was watching over me and the loose was "acceptable". Now, Rudraigue prepares his revenge and claims that he is the legitimate king of the Atrebates.
    Thanks to Bastien and Ben for their help during the game.

  2. It was a real pleasure to play with you Friday. A year of work and a pure success.
    The next round will be even bloodier for the Romans ...

  3. I must admit that it was a beautiful game with top quality material such as fine little soldiers and nice cards. The two main players are so full of this game that it could be scary (in fact, it was...). And the best part is that it runs "like the wind" (thank you Patrick). The whole battle (a pretty big one in my opinion) was engaged and concluded in a very decent timing. And the transmission of the orders (the main purpose of this game) is a very pregnant element. A thing we were looking for a very long time.

    1. Hey, I'm happy to see that the player you are, sometimes refractory to historical wargames seems delighted. A bit scary ? Ah ah ah, I forgot to tell you that for the next game, the Celtic camp will probably be naked with blue tattoos.... But you're right, when working on a project with so much energy, we tend to get a little creepy. it reminds me "who you know" when we were twenty (Wow, this is scary !)

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